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March 04, 2024

How To Complete A Simple Home Security Audit in Joliet

How secure is your property? That’s a fundamental question every resident should contemplate to ensure the safety of their family and belongings. If you haven’t examined your property’s safety in the past year, it could be time to conduct a home security audit in Joliet. By adhering to a few basic suggestions, you can uncover potential security gaps and take steps to remedy them. You might discover that upgrading to a comprehensive home security system is your best choice.

Take A Burglar’s Viewpoint From Outside Your Joliet Residence

When assessing your home’s protection, you have to think like a thief. Approach your home from every side and do one check after dark and a second in the day, as burglaries can take place at all hours. Use the following questions to steer your home security audit in Joliet:

  • Do you have dark spots along your property’s perimeter? A well-lit exterior is one prowlers will likely stay away from. Some thoughtfully positioned lights will greatly help to secure your grounds. On top of that, accent lighting lets you see at night and adds an appealing design feature.
  • Are your outdoor structures appropriately secured? You don’t want thieves to snatch the power tools, mowers, and other equipment you store in outdoor structures.
  • Are your outdoor lights operational? A burned-out patio light provides thieves an opening to approach undetected and signals you might be negligent about your security. You can use motion detection lighting or other, less-intrusive options that remain on at night.
  • Are your doors and windows secure? Ensure you don’t have a broken latch or lock by trying to open access points from the exterior.
  • Are there overgrown bushes around entries? You should have an unblocked perspective of your landscape from the interior. Opt for smaller plants around windows and maintain them. Stay away from large shrubs beside entrances like garage doors.
  • Do you have outdoor surveillance cameras? Outside video surveillance is one of the top crime deterrents you can employ. If you have them, ensure they are operational and properly positioned.

Assess Your Interior Security Strategy

Door and window sensors are vital tools to protect your most susceptible access points. Motion detectors are also smart to have in case an invasion occurs. If you already have these tools, make certain they are positioned correctly and operational. This is also the ideal moment to test your safety implements like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

You can upgrade to a modern, fully integrated system that alerts you when a sensor is tripped via a handy mobile app. You can even set lighting schedules and implement custom automations like having foyer lights turn on when a camera perceives somebody sneaking around outside.

Modernize Your Home Security In Joliet With Secure24 Alarm Systems

If your home security audit in Joliet identifies a few weaknesses that need resolving, turn to the professionals at Secure24 Alarm Systems. We will help you design a comprehensive home security package with outside surveillance, motion sensors, smart locking systems, and more. Ask us how you can automate your components to boost your security and convenience even more. Call (815) 242-2890 today to learn more.